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Date: February 12, 2023 – February 14, 2023

Location: Sapta Rishi Ghat, Triveni, Hooghly


The Tribeni Kumbho Mela in Bengal's Hooghly attracted over 11 lakhs (1.1 million) devotees. Multitudes of pilgrims gathered not only from West Bengal but also from areas as far as Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh,  the United States & Bangladesh, meaning this has become a global pilgrimage in just two years. Holy Water, Soil, and Flower Bouquets from 14 Shakthi Peeths in West Bengal, 6 from Bangladesh, and 2 from North-East India were collected at the aforementioned pilgrimage sites and were then collectively ritually offered to the Holy Ganges at Saptarshi Ghat of Tribeni, one of the Holiest riverfronts of India.

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